Photo Recovery

It’s a common occurrence, you’ve accidentally deleted your important photos. The important thing is not to panic, powering down and removing your USB, SD Card or external hard drive is the next step. Continued usage of the device can overwrite the deleted photos permanently.

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​Recovering Your Deleted and Lost Photos

When a file or photo is deleted it is not completely removed from the device. The space that the photo is using is now available to be overwritten, meaning, continued usage of the device will permanently overwrite the photo. To prevent this, we recommend that the device is powered down, unplugged and not used until a complete recovery can be carried out.

Our recovery process ensures that your important files and photos are not at risk. Providing that the data has not been overwritten or corrupted the files and photos can be safely recovered. Each device requires a different method of recovery, all of which offer the same result; Your photos safely recovered and backed up to another device or our secure WebVault.

When we have recovered your data we provide a file list of all recovered data for you to check. Once you’re happy with the data recovered we progress onto the invoice and backup stage. Choosing your backup device is simple:

  • Under 20GB – using our secure WebVault to download your data
  • Send your preferred device
  • Opt in to one of our in stock devices (hard drives or USB drives)

Ready To Use Backup

We keep a range of external hard drives in stock ready for your recovered data. All you have to do is plug it in and open your files.

24 Hour Service

With every quote we include a quote for our 24-hour emergency service. You’ll have dedicated access to the engineer (or engineers) that are working on your case. In most cases we are able to fully recover lost data within 24 hours.

Online Quotes

Before we send a quote we make sure we have enough information to give the best assessment so you’re not faced with unexpected costs.

​What To Expect

Collection And Delivery

We can collect and deliver your device from any UK mainland address, normally the same day (although getting in touch before noon can avoid disappointment). This is included in the quotation we send.

File Listing

See your data before you part with your money with our file list viewer application. This shows each and every file and folder that we have been able to retrieve from your device as well as letting you know if any files are corrupt or damaged.

Returning Your Data

Up to 20GB we can return your data online, over and above this a hard drive will be required for return of your data.

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