Physical Data Recovery

Physical data recovery is the process from which valuable information can be be recovered from otherwise unreadable media. When you have lost data that is vital to your work, it can be much cheaper and more time efficient to use a physical data recovery service to rebuild that data instead of reproducing your work.

In the event that the information lost can not be reproduced, for example results from a study, or computations that were acquired over a long period of time, physical data recovery experts can be a lifesaver. Recovering information from damaged hardware can use a variety of techniques. One method of physical data recovery is repairing the hardware that the media is mounted in. An example of this type of retrieval is removing damaged electronics components from a printed circuit board and physically replacing or repairing them with working components, or other highly technical techniques.

Many of these techniques should not be performed by an untrained individual, as it will void the manufacturer's warranty; however, when these techniques are performed by a professional company, then these processes do not have the effect of voiding the warranty on your equipment.

In the event that the media that actually stores your data has become damaged, such as failed read write heads in a hard disk, some information may be recovered by replacing the damaged parts of the hard disk, or rebuilding the HDD; though this may make the disk temporarily usable, there may still be data recovery to be done.

After the disk is repaired, a physical data recovery company can use a specialized disk imaging procedure to recover every usable bit from the surface of the media. This process can involve software that, when incorrectly used, can cause further damage to the drive, and so should only be attempted by professionals. Professionals like the engineers at TRC Data Recovery have the skills, expertise, and experience to ensure that your physical data recovery goes as smoothly as possible, so that you can get back to your job and meet your deadlines.

All TRC's Physical Data Recovery procedures are carried out in a certified ISO 3 clean room.

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