No Recovery-No Fee Guarantee

TRC offers No Recovery-No Fee for practically all cases that we undertake. We believe strongly in our industry leading ability to recover your lost data and are therefore confident enough to undertake work on this basis.

But Why No Recovery No Fee? I thought data was always recoverable?

Data Recovery can not always be successful, in no more than a handful of cases seen by TRC lately recovery has not been possible. The reasons for this normally fall into a small number of categories:

  • Data has been overwritten, making recovery unfeasible
  • The media containing the lost data has been physically damaged
  • The media has degraded to a state where it is no longer capable of storing your data
  • Encryption or data obfuscation is in place and the keys or passwords are no longer obtainable

There are other scenarios that can prevent recovery but the vast majority fall into one of the categories above.

Peace of Mind

In such a scenario our No Recovery-No Fee policy protects you from unecessary charges should recovery not be possible, making our service risk free.  

In cases where we are unsuccessful we can either dispose of your hard drive, you can collect it from us or arrange your own shipping, or alternatively we can return it by courier for £10 + vat.


Where data has been encrypted, or is likely to be overwritten or when devices have been deliberately damaged or opened outside of a clean room, TRC Data Recovery Ltd reserve the right to charge an up-front fee to cover the time spent in the diagnosis and repair attempt on your media. If you think that this might apply to your failed device, please contact us before sending your device to us so that we can work out the best way to tackle the problem.

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