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RAID Array Recovery

RAID Data Recovery can pose a significant problem for many service providers.  RAID Arrays can be created and maintained by a huge host of different hardware or software solutions, so when something goes wrong and data recovery is required,  TRC Data Recovery's experts can retrieve lost data from almost any kind of failure of a RAID system.

Experts in RAID Recovery

By understanding the various mathematic principles behind how a RAID array functions at the most fundamental of levels, TRC can help you to retrieve your lost data regardless of the underlying cause of the problem.  Some of the more common issues that we are called in to recover from include:

  • Multiple disk failure on a RAID 5
  • Failure of a member disk from a RAID 0 or striped system
  • Controller failure
  • Accidental or malicious data deletion or erasure
  • Physical hard disk failure on member devices
  • Incorrectly rebuilt systems
  • lost or missing configuration data

Emergency Service - For Time Critical Data Recovery

When you need RAID data recovery and time is of critical importance, TRC can help to get you up and running in the fastest possible time.  Our services include an emergency offering which puts your data recovery case to the top of our workload.  In most cases we are able to fully recover your data the very same day.

Cost Effective Options

If time is not the issue and price is, TRC Data Recovery Ltd can recover your RAID array on our standard service (between 4 and 5 working days in most cases).  If you choose our standard service we will also provide our price match guarantee; under price match, if you find another UK data recovery provider offering a like for like service, TRC guarantee to beat their price.

Speak to an Expert Today

If you would like to discuss your data loss with one of our RAID engineers, please get in touch using our online contact form or by calling us direct on 0845 2002 845.

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