RAID 0 recovery requires all disks to be present, and unmodified. Please contact us regarding your data loss/hard drive failure prior to attempting to recover the data from the remaining disks, read below for more information on why!

RAID Data Recovery from RAID 0 Arrays, also known as striped arrays offer a clear speed advantage over mirrored or RAID 5 arrays. They can be configured from any number of hard disk drives and are often used in bandwidth critical systems, such as those required for video editing. These types of array can also be implemented without the knowledge of the user in devices such as:

There are many more devices that either implement Striped arrays by default or can be configured to do so.

When a single disk fails within a RAID 0 array all of the data contained on the array becomes inaccessible, very small files may be recoverable, and in many cases the process used to recover them can result in the loss of file and directory structure.

The performance benefit of RAID 0 comes at a price; unlike other RAID levels (which by definition provide redundancy of at least one drive failure) there is no redundancy. As such, recovery of the array following even a single drive failure becomes a case of repairing and getting the failed drive working, cloned and then extracting the data from the whole array. This is the only reliable way of performing a full and complete recovery. Recovery attempts can be made on failed arrays with missing disks, however, very small files may be recoverable, but in most cases the process used to recover them loses all file and directory structure.

Being experts in the recovery of both single hard drives and striped volumes perfectly places TRC Data Recovery to recover your critical files from this and any other type of array/volume.

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