RAID 1 arrays provide a good resilience against failure in most cases.  There are, however, some weaknesses and common problems that can be encountered when a mirrored RAID 1 array fails.

RAID 1 Data Corruption

Due to the way in which data is written to a RAID 1 array, there is little to no protection against data corruption.  If the data that has been written to the volume is corrupt or damaged in some way, the same corrupt or damaged data will be written to each and every member of the array.  In such cases important files, folders or other data can become lost or inaccessible.  TRC can normally help you to recover your lost data from a RAID 1 mirror with corrupt data.

RAID 1 Multiple Drive Failure

By relying on a mirrored array as your only form of data protection you may be exposing yourself to the risk of losing everything if an event occurs that takes out the entire array, the device containing the disks or even the building where the array was located.  TRC have been called in to recover arrays that have failed in just that way on a number of occasions, these have included:

  • Flood and water damaged buildings and equipment
  • Multiple drive failure due to electrical faults
  • Server failure leading to multiple drive failure
  • Impacts and falls of the hardware storing the RAID 1

In all of the above cases TRC Data Recovery were successfully able to recover the data in its entirety. For more information about our RAID 1 Data Recovery Services, please contact us by phone or email, or see our Contact page for more details.

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