RAID 5 Recovery

RAID 5 Recovery services, providing data recovery solutions for failed RAID Arrays. TRC Data Recovery offer a UK wide emergency Server Recovery Service.

Most RAID devices, including RAID 5 are designed to protect the user in the event that a failure occurs.  In the case of RAID 5 there is a redundancy against a single drive failing.  TRC Data Recovery can help when this single disk redundancy is not enough such as when a number or even all of the drives fail.  TRC supports all drive types with our RAID 5 recovery service including:

  • SATA
  • SCSI
  • IDE
  • SAS
  • SSD

Not only can we offer to recover your data from the array, in most cases we can even resurrect the operating system and have the server up and running as it was before failure with all of your settings and data intact.

TRC commonly recover data from arrays with the following faults:

  • 2 or more failed member disks
  • Damaged/Broken Controller
  • Accidental Initialisation
  • Rebuild attempts
  • Degraded and Dead volumes

Be Careful When Carrying Out a Rebuild

Many RAID 5 problems can be resolved simply by removing the failed drive from the array and rebuilding with a perfectly working replacement.  TRC advise caution when doing this, just in case there are further problems.  If no backup of your data exists, we recommend that each of the remaining working drives from the array be cloned prior to any rebuild attempt.  Failing to do so could lead to total data loss if the rebuild does not complete successfully or the RAID controller has lost its original configuration.

Emergency Data Recovery

If your RAID 5 array has failed and data recovery is a priority, TRC can normally recover your lost data the very same day, starting from receipt of the drives.  We do not normally require the controller or server as we are able to reconfigure the array using the on-disk data.  

RAID 5 Multiple Disk Failure

If you have experienced a failure of your RAID 5 array and you can no longer access your data, multiple disk failure may be to blame.  It is possible that your RAID controller has already made you aware of this but there are scenarios, such as media degradation on disks, that are not always reported by the controller.  In such instances all of your data may become inaccessible due to two or more failed units.

TRC start by cloning the working members of your array, we then carry out a recovery on the failed units to get a good working image of each member of the array.  Once we have this we can de-stripe your RAID 5 and recover all of your data.

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