TRC Data Recovery offer a data recovery service for failed SATA (Serial ATA) hard disk drives.

If you have lost data on a failed SATA hard disk and require data recovery, contact the experts at TRC Data recovery for a free, no obligation quotation on 0800 955 3282, or use our contact form, leave a telephone number and we will call you back.

If you have experienced data loss at the hands of a broken S-ATA interface hard drive, we can off you a fast and efficient solution. With both emergency same day retrieval and cost effective 5 day services available, your data can be back in your hands fast.  Our recovry service can help you if you have experienced the following:

Logical Recovery

TRC can retrieve files and folders that have been deleted or otherwise removed.We can recover from SATA drives after an OS reinstallation, when they have been repartitioned. If your drive is in good working order and you have lost access to some important information, this is the service to help you. Click to read more about our deleted data recovery options.

Electronic Recovery

If your SATA (or other) hard disk has failed due to an issue with its on-board electronics, our skilled recovery engineers can help you to get your information back. We can deal with burnt out circuit boards, blown motors and more. You can read more about our Dead hard drive recovery.

Mechanical Data Recovery

When your drive has failed with a mechanical issue, our clean room rebuild work can retrieve your lost data. Whether the read/write heads have failed or the motor assembly gets jammed/seizes we can almost always get your lost data back. Read here for more about the service we offer for hard drive rebuild and recovery services.

If your hard disk has a different (non SATA) interface and requires recovery, you may find some more relevant information about your options below:

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