TRC Data Recovery have developed unrivalled recovery options for SCSI hard drives that have failed.  We can recover from drives that act as stand-alone storage volumes as well as those that are part of a RAID or other multi-disk storage unit.

SCSI devices vary from ATA devices (IDE and SATA hard drives) in the interface and protocols that are used by the computer to access them.  TRC Data Recovery can retrieve lost or inacessible data from SCSI drives regardless of their manufacturer and their problem.

We support the following SCSI interface types:

  • SCSI-1
  • SCSI-2 (Fast SCSI)
  • Ultra SCSI
  • Ultra Wide SCSI
  • Ultra2 SCSI
  • Ultra2 Wide SCSI
  • Ultra3 SCSI
  • |Ultra 320 SCSI
  • Ultra 640 SCSI

We also handle newer Serial Attached SCSI (or SAS) drives, which are essentially the same protocol over a serial interface which resembles but is different from the more common SATA interface used by most commercially available hard drives.

If your failed SCSI device is part of a multi-disk array, as is common in many storage systems, we can successfully recover your data using one of our RAID and Server solutions, including:

Just like our services for other hard drive interfaces, TRC can recover your lost data from a SCSI storage device, due to the variety of different SCSI interfaces that are available we always recommend getting in touch with us for some free and without obligation advice. In order that you receive the most accurate and complete quotation for your particular data loss problem, we recommend that you contact us using the details below:

If you require more information about SCSI data recovery contact us now on 0800 955 3282 or you can get in touch with one of our technical representatives online by using our contact form.

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