Seagate Data Recovery Services by TRC Data Recovery. TRC are experts in the recovery of data from failed and broken Seagate hard disk drives and indeed Seagate Hard Disk Repair. Support for laptop hard drive recovery, desktop 3.5" recovery as well as all Seagate produced external hard disks.

Failures with Seagate drives, as with other drives, can and do happen. Some of the more common failure types that we see on these devices are detailed below.

Seagate 7200.11 Recovery

TRC Data Recovery can retrieve data that has been lost on bricked or failed hard drives from the Barracuda 7200.11 series of hard drives.  These drives have some well known issues that  can vary from simple fixes to complex and time consuming cases.  You can read more about what we can do to recover these drives on our 7200.11 Data Recovery page.

Media Degradation

As with all hard disk drives, Seagate devices can develop bad sector issues that can lead to the drive or the data becoming inaccessible. In such cases recovery specialists are required in order to ensure that the data can be retrieved in its entirety without further compromising the integrity of the media. TRC offer class leading recovery solutions for hard drives that have failed in this manner.

Electronic Faults

Electronic failure can occur on Seagate drives that are subject to power supply issues. Common causes of this nature of problem include:

  • Plugging laptop power supplies into external hard disks
  • Faulty PSUs in desktop computers
  • Water and flood damage

In all cases TRC Data Recovery's in house electronics experts can help to recover your data in our unique ESD safe workshop. Read more about our Electronics lab and ISO 3 Clean facility here.

Motor Bearing Seizure

Increasingly common with hard disk drives of the series 7200.10 and 7200.11 is a failure that normally occurs following a knock or a drop whilst the drive is in operation. Any form of impact, regardless of how small it may seem at the time can lead to either an instant failure or to a gradual, and normally noisy demise.

Once completely seized the drive will emit a faint humming or buzzing sound at attempts to power it on. If this is experienced we advise that the drive be completely powered down and TRC Data Recovery be called for advise on the matter.

Motor seizure is a very serious internal problem that cannot be resolved without the correct equipment. Attempting to recover the data by opening the hard drive will not enable you to recover from the fault and invariably leads to the data becoming lost for good.

Read Write Head Faults

As with all drives the read write heads used in Seagate drives can fail. This failure can be due to a build up of detritus on the head slider, a failure of the preamplifier chip or some other physical fault.

Head faults are almost always recoverable when the drive is handled correctly by experienced recovery engineers in a clean room environment.

Seagate drives are often used in Apple MacBook computers, you can read more here about our Mac Data Recovery service.

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