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RAID data recovery UK

Many companies rely on servers because they form the backbone of IT infrastructure of a business regardless of its size. So when it fails, your company suffers downtime – this is where we come in. Whether your server has crashed or you have lost access to it, or everything you have tried so far has failed, our server data recovery services are here to help.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have the expertise and experience to recover lost data from all kinds of failed server hardware, running any modern operating system (and some older less prevalent ones too!). We have the facilities to undertake the cloning and subsequent retrieval of data from small single disk servers and larger multiple drive systems. Problems that we resolve daily include:

In many circumstances TRC are able to recover the entire operating system to a bootable, usable state to keep your business downtime to the bare minimum. We offer the best server data recovery services in uk.

RAID Array Failure

RAID arrays are designed to (for the most part) protect your data by providing redundancy. RAID 5 is the most common array type we currently come across and in most cases the problem is multiple disk failure within the array. TRC Data Recovery can recover your lost data from almost all array types.

TRC also provide services for all other RAID levels, including RAID 1 and RAID 0, so whatever RAID volume you need to recover, we can help you.

Emergency RAID Array data recovery service

If you have a failed server or you have lost critical data from a server and require RAID data recovery UK, we recommend you call one of our engineers who will be able to discuss the recovery options with you and formulate a plan for the recovery of your data. We offer dedicated raid data recovery services london as well as Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

Our emergency recovery services have been able to fully recover a server to a bootable state faster than the restoration of archived (and out of date) versions of the data that our customer had on site, so it is always worth contacting us to see what we can do for your business. Sometimes it helps to hear a second opinion.

Read more about our Emergency Server Recovery services.

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