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Server Support

TRC Data Recovery can provide recovery solutions for failed server systems, we have a great wealth of experience in recovering not only failed hard drives and RAID Arrays, but also the critical information stored in email systems, databases, back office systems, virtual machines and more.

TRC can retrieve your lost data and support your IT team with the reintegration of the data back in to your business. We have also recently helped clients transport and configure old and unsupported operating systems from 10-20 year old servers to cloud based solutions with redundancy against future failure.

Data Conversion

Whether it is converting data from old unsupported formats or exporting ancient systems to virtual machines - TRC can help you to ensure that data loss does not occur due to a reliance on ancient hardware. We have successfully migrated OS/2, SCO Unix, DOS based systems and more to redundant virtualised solutions.  We can also convert old unsupported file formats to newer, more flexible formats.  Read more about our data conversion service.

Server Recovery Solutions

Our server recovery team are experts in the recovery of failed server hardware and multi-disk RAID systems. We commonly retrieve lost data from:

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have offices in Sheffield, Manchester & London.

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