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Revealer is an app developed by TRC Data Recovery Ltd

It is designed to quickly and easily enable you to enable the showing of files that your Mac has hidden from you. It is important to note that, in most cases, there is a reason that certain entries in your file system are hidden from view. These files may be important to the running of your operating system or the programs that run on it.


Changing or modifying hidden files can damage the running of your computer or your applications, it is recommended that you only run Revealer to access files and folders when you know what the outcome will be.

Some Uses for Revealer 

Web Developers

Web developers occasionally need to access files (such as the .htaccess file) that Mac OS X hides due to the '.' preceding the file name. Mac OS X is designed to hide any file that starts with a full stop/period as some of its own system files and metadata files use this to identify that they should be hidden from view.

More Mainstream Uses

Starting with Lion, Apple now hide the Library folder within every user profile by default. The Library folder can contain data that may need to be backed up or edited/deleted, such as preference files, app support files and more. Using Revealer will enable you to view, copy and amend any required file within the ./Library folder.

Control of Your System

More advanced users may wish to simply enable the viewing of hidden files permanently to provide insight into what is being stored and created on the computer. Revealer allows you to set a state for the hidden files, either to show or to allow them to remain hidden on a permanent basis. This setting will not change until you change the setting within the application or do so directly through the Terminal.

How does Revealer work?

Revealer's sole task is to modify a preference file, itself hidden within the Library folder of your user profile. Revealer safely modifies a parameter that normally hides specific files and folders.

This file is used by the Mac OS X Finder to determine exactly what should be done with hidden files and folders. It is only used when the Finder first starts though. To enable the app to be able to do its job properly without a restart or log out, the app then tells the Finder to quit and subsequently restarts it.

Unlike some other solutions, Revealer does this task instantly, the whole process completes as soon as the preference switch is moved, it can also be immediately undone.

Warning on Restarting the Finder!

The Finder is the single most important program on your Mac for handling files, folders and other data. You SHOULD NOT run Revealer during the following operations:

  • Emptying the Trash
  • Copying, moving or compressing files and folders
  • Any other Finder operations such as Search

Doing so will cause the Finder to quit mid-process and may result in problems once the Finder restarts.

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