Electronic Faults On SSD Drives

SSD drives are resilient, reliable devices that lack any moving parts.  This makes them far more resilient to impact and shock events which can easily damage traditional hard disk drives.  It does not, however, make the electronics any more stable.  TRC Data Recovery are seeing increasing instances of solid state disks that are failing due to electronic faults.

In almost all cases we are able to retrieve data from an SSD where anything other than the microcontroller has failed without having to use the more expensive Flash Read Technology.  This places SSD data recovery in the same bracket as recovery from any other hard disk that may have failed with an electronic fault.  Some of the issues that we have been able to help with include:

Water and Liquid damaged SSD devices

Just as with any electronic device, water and other liquids seeping into the electronics do not make for a good combination.  When an SSD is liquid damaged the results are often immediate failure.  TRC Data Recovery can normally retrieve data from a failed SSD that has experienced some form of liquid or flood damage.

It is important that the device is immediately powered off and no further attempt is made to poweer the device on.  In doing so it is possible that further damage may be caused.

Dead SSDs

It is not always necessary for an SSD to experience liquid damage or other issues for them to fail with an electronic fault.  Faulty components or power issues on the device that they are used within may also result in an electronic fault. 

Firmware Corruption and Failed Firmware Upgrades

As manufacturer's improve their wear levelling and garbage collection routines for their SSDs, it is common that they package these enhancements up into a firmware upgrade that can be applied by the SSD user.  In rare cases this process can go wrong resulting in a device that appears completely dead.  These cases can be confused with an electronic fault as the drive does nothing at power up and is often recognised incorrectly or even not recognised at all.  TRC can normally fully recover from these types of problem. 

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