Flash Read Technology

When all other attempts, such as software and electronic repair have failed to recover your lost data from your SSD or Flash memory device, TRC can use Flash Read Technology to recover the content of your failed device directly from the memory chips.

All common formats of NAND Flash memory are supported by our Flash Read technology and we can often recover data that other companies have failed to retrieve.  Flash Read Technology offers a last line of defence against data loss on your SSD or memory device.

When Do We Use Flash Read?

Flash Read Technology comes into play when all standard methods of data retrieval have failed.  In scenarios where the controller chip of the Flash device has failed or the electronics are so severely damaged that repair is not a viable option, a direct read of the NAND memory chips is the only solution.

What Devices Does Flash Read Apply To?

In short, Flash Read technology from TRC can be used to retrieve data from any failed Flash device, including:

  • SSD Drives
  • USB memory sticks and pen drives
  • SD cards
  • Compact Flash Cards
  • Any other NAND Flash based device

How Does Flash Read Work?

We start by removing the individual chips from the failed device, from here they are cleaned, the contacts are then retinned or reballed if necessary.  Only once we have achieved the optimum state for each chip do we use our solution to read its content.

From here the real work begins as manufacturers do not make it easy for us to retrieve and then piece together the data that is contained on the chips.  Similar to the way in which RAID systems work, the data is effectively striped across the chips within the device, TRC unpick this striping.

Next there is the issue of wear levelling to deal with.  Unlike the way in which a storage device is presented to your computer's operating system, the data on your SSD or flash drive is actually spread across the chips and allocated in fixed sized chunks across several internal banks.  TRC reverse engineer this system to enable an effective virtual rebuild of the logical volume.

Once we have carried out all of the above steps (and some that we have skipped in order to be concise), we can almost always recover your data.  To discuss Flash Read or any of our data recovery services, please use our contact form or call us on 0845 2002 845.

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