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Buffalo Terastation Recovery by TRC Data Recovery, experts in recovering lost data from failed TeraStation devices, including single hard disk and RAID systems.

The Buffalo TeraStation family is by far one of the most popular choices for data storage on home and many business networks. The devices offer high performance fault tollerant RAID storage, at a cost effective price point. With their easy to configure web browser based access and an excellent reliability record, Buffalo TeraStations are the perfect choice for many.

Despite being reliable, Buffalo devices, as with all NAS devices, can fail, they can be subject to electronic problems, knocks, falls and of course, hard drive failure. If you have found us because you have experienced data loss on your Buffalo NAS, then rest assured, all is not lost.

We can help you to recover your lost data from any manner of TeraStation configuration; our services can help you to recover the following RAID sets:

Buffalo’s TeraStation RAID 5 – Read more about
RAID 5 recovery
Buffalo TerraStation RAID 0 – Read more about
RAID 0 data recovery
TeraStation RAID 1 – Read more about mirrored
RAID 1 Data Recovery
TeraStation RAID 10 - RAID 10 (or RAID 1 + 0)

When searching for someone to help you to recover your lost data, particularly from a Buffalo NAS device, you need to find a company that understands the Linux subsystem that runs the TeraStation. TRC Data Recovery understand how your TeraStation works, from the underlying OS to the file system that is used to store your data on the disks.

Our tools and technology can also help when your Memeo auto backup to your TeraStation has failed, in these instances you should call and ask to speak to a technician.

If you have experienced data loss from a different type of Buffalo device, visit our Buffalo Data Recovery page, if you are interested in data recovery from other devices, please see our data recovery services page.

Unlike our competitors, TRC offer a No Recovery-No Fee service from all Buffalo hardware, no matter how complex the RAID Recovery or NAS Recovery may be, for a free no obligation quotation, contact TRC Data Recovery now on 0845 2002 845, or use our online contact form to receive a call back.

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