TRC Data Recovery offer world-class solutions to data loss situations on all types of media. With various service level options you can ensure that your valuable data is returned to you intact and in time. TRC Data Recovery Services have tailor made solutions to your data loss situation that include the following media types:

  • Any brand of IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS and FibreChannel hard disk
  • TRC have support for single drives, RAID arrays, Network Attached Storage devices and more. 

TRC Data Recovery is trusted the world over by IT professionals, large business and home users for recovery of files and data that is otherwise not accessible, even where other data recovery companies have failed.

Why Do Hard Drives Lose Data?

TRC Data Recovery classifies your data loss into one of the following categories:

Logical failure - your hard disk drive works fine, the problem is one located in the way the data that is stored or a software issue, you may have been the victim of a virus attack, your data may have become corrupted, a re-installation of software may have occured or similar. Logical failure includes deleted file recovery Media degradation - Your hard disk drive may have developed bad sectors or the platters may have become unreadable in certain areas preventing data access.

Electronic failure - whether caused by a power surge, drive fault or a completely different issue. You can read more about hard drive electronic failure on our Electronics page.

Mechanical failure - the hard drive has an issue with the mechanical aspects of its design. The most common causes are head faults and motor failures.

What Caused My Hard Drive Failure?

There are many possible answers to this question, it can depend on the type of device, the age, the way it is used or even environmental factors. Regardless of the nature of the fault TRC can recover your data with the minimum of fuss and down-time. For a free telephone diagnostic or for more information about our service call our experienced and friendly staff on 0845 2002 845.

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