TRC Data Recovery offer a full range of services that can help you to recover your lost data from a failed Toshiba Hard Disk Drive. We currently support recovery of data from Toshiba branded 2.5” notebook hard disk drives as well as the smaller devices used in consumer electronics and small form factor laptop computers. We can recover from the following interface types:

For details of out Toshiba Data Recovery service or any of our other hard disk services do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 955 3282, or by using the form found here.

Whilst generally reliable, as with all mechanical hard drives, failures can and do occur. Some of the problems that TRC engineers have previously identified and successfully recovered from can be found below:

Spindle Motor failure

Failed motor problems have been seen on many Toshiba hard disk drives.  Commonly the motor bearing that spins the drive's platters seizes either partially or completely. When this happens the drive will either struggle to spin, making a laboured and unusual sound or fail altogether in which case only a quiet and regular beeping noise will be heard.

Common motor failure symptoms on Toshiba drives include:

  • Loud whining noises coming from the drive when it is powered on
  • Grinding or beeping noises
  • Clicking or ticking of the read write heads
  • Ocassionaly there will be no noise at all, this tends to happen when the motor seizes completely

Toshiba HDD Electronic Failure

Electronic failure on Toshiba hard drives can occur for the same reasons as with any other electronic device. Over-voltage an power supply issues alongside component failure can cause a drive to fail. You can read more about TRC's electronic data recovery service here:

Electronic Failure of Hard Drives

CAUTION: Although it may be tempting to exchange a failed Toshiba controller board (AKA. PCB, circuit board etc), we do not recommend this.  Toshiba circuit boards are not directly interchangeable and resolving incompatible PCB issues later may prove more expensive than it would otherwise have been.

Head failure & Mechanical Defects

As with other hard drives a failure of the read / write head assembly can lead to the data becoming inaccessible. This failure causes the drive to click or tick and requires a clean room facility such as TRC Data Recovery’s ISO 3 clean laboratory for successful recovery of the data.

More on our:

Clicking Drive Recovery

Media degradation & Bad Sectors

Bad sectors (aka media degradation) are unavoidable, at some point in a drive's lifetime, if it is not discarded or claimed by another fault beforehand, a drive will succumb to bad sectors. TRC can use specialist hardware and software tools to recover data from sectors that the drive itself cannot recover.

CAUTION: Many operating system utilities such as Microsoft Chkdsk and the FSCK of Unix like systems have a way of dealing with bad sectors - but it is not really a solution, and can in many cases result in more severe issues with your data. Always seek professional advise before attempting to recover critical data from a failed drive.

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