TRC Data Recovery provide Hitachi Travelstar recovery solutions regardless of the manner of failure. Our data recovery expertise can have your data successfully recovered from the following scenarios:

  • Completely dead hard disks
  • Clicking, ticking and whining devices
  • Bad Sectors and other forms of degraded media
  • Firmware corruption
  • Computer Virus or Malware issues
  • Fire, flood, water, coffee and wine spillages
  • Deleted files, reinstalled operating systems

There are many more data loss scenarios that TRC Data Recovery will be able to help with, including electronic failure and mechanical failure for more information contact us

Hitachi have been an active producer of hard disk drives since their early DK23** range. In 2002 Hitachi purchased IBM's hard disk drive business and continued production of, amongst others, IBM's Travelstar hard disk drive range. A range that is still as popular today

Being one of the more popular brands of hard disk drive on the market Hitachi Travelstar hard disk drive have found their way into a laptop and notebook computers produced by a number of manufacturers, including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Asus and others.

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If you have experienced data loss and require Hitachi Travelstar data recovery, contact us now using our online form or call on 0845 2002 845

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