TRC Data Recovery has a team dedicated to the recovery of Flash memory devices. There are many different brands and manufacturers involved in these devices, too many to list here, however the different types of media that we are familiar with are below:

  • USB Pen Drives/Memory Sticks
  • Sony Memory Stick (all varieties)
  • CompactFlash I & II
  • PC Card
  • SD Cards (Standard, Mini & Micro)
  • MMC
  • XD And many others…

The similarities with these devices are in the use of NOR/NAND FLASH memory chips alongside a controller. TRC Data Recovery have unique capabilities in the area of reading data from Flash Memory Devices, including USB Memory Stick recovery and Memory Card recovery, this enables us to recover data regardless of who assembled and labelled the device, regardless of what manner of system it was used with and regardless of the problem encountered.

We are experienced in recovery from the following situations:

Physically damaged devices Accidentally formatted devices Deleted Files Bent, Snapped or Damaged connectors Device Not Recognised

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About USB Memory Stick Recovery

As a data recovery company we hear many stories of how customer’s data was lost. Mostly this can be summarised in one sentence “I did it in a rush and wasn’t thinking of what I was doing….”

Now whilst this at the time this can be a horrifying thought. It must be remembered that any further use of the device can severely reduce the chance of successful data recovery.

All storage devices whether a hard drive, USB memory stick or even a tiny camera card use a file table to keep a list of where the data is written within the device. This file table is constantly referred to and updated. I suppose you could compare it to an index of an encyclopaedia.

When data is accidentally deleted it is a misconception to say the data is lost forever, this is often not the case. You see what really happens is the file table mentioned earlier is updated and informed that the area of memory occupied by your very important data is now available for re-use.

As you can realise it’s a matter of urgency stop using the device and seek data recovery.

The main difference with USB memory sticks or camera cards is they use solid state storage; this is a technology called flash memory. This is an Integrated Circuit or ‘Chip’ to hold data, but because the data can only exist in a digital 1 or 0. It must be realised that once the file table tells a location to be re-used the data written there first will be lost forever.

So what can be learnt from this is brief explanation is when a file is deleted from a device it must be remembered to stop using the device straight away and seek professional advice. The more use the flash device receives after a file is deleted the chance of the file table re-allocating the memory for other data increases all the time.

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