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USB Memory Stick Recovery

USB memory sticks present a great solution for portable data storage.  Far more convenient than optical media such as CD or DVD and more rugged and reliable in general than portable hard drives.  Just like all storage mediums USB memory sticks are not imperveous to physical damage, water damage or preventing data access due to an internal component failure.

TRC Have successfully recovered thousands of USB devices, some of the more common faults that we have successfully resolved include:

  • A microwaved USB Memory Stick
  • Memory sticks that have been through the washing machine
  • Snapped, bent and physically damaged memory sticks
  • Deleted files and folders
  • 'This device needs to be formatted' issues
  • Device reporting capacity as 2TB
  • Device reporting no storage capacity at all

USB Memory stick data recovery

There are many more failure types that TRC have been able to recover lost data from, so why not contact us and see if we can help you with your data loss. Flash Memory Chip Reading technology by TRC Data Recovery Ltd can recover data in practically all cases of USB Memory stick data loss.  If the device cannot be repaired by one of our team of electronic specialists, we then recover your lost data directly from the Flash chips themselves using our Flash chip reading technology.

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