USB Pen Drive Recovery

Pen drive data recovery for USB pen drives that have been broken, damaged or are simply no longer recognised by your computer.  TRC can recover your lost data in practically every case using our Flash Read Technology.

Scenarios that we commonly recover from include:

  • Snapped or damaged Pen Drives
  • Device needs formatting messages
  • Failed controller chips
  • Completely dead USB pens
  • devices that have been formatted
  • Devices where data has been deleted by accident

We support all major brands of pen drive including Kingston, Sandisk, Lexar, Integral, TDK, PNY and many more, we can also normally recover your data from promotional and unbranded USB pen drives. For a free no obligation quote, or for some advice on your data loss problem please get in touch using our Contact Form or by calling through to our team on 0845 2002 845.

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