Snapped USB Memory Stick Connectors

One of the most common failures that we encounter with all types of USB Memory stick is snaps, bends and breaks of the device at the point where the (normally steel) USB connector meets the circuit board of the stick.

This can happen when a memory stick is knocked whilst plugged in to your computer or when a computer or laptop falls with the USB device still sticking out of the port. This kind of damage represents almost 45% of the total cases of USB stick repair undertaken by TRC. The join between the connector and circuit board is a notorious weak point and even slight pressure can result in a loss of viable connection between the USB interface and the electronics. The wear and tear of repeated insertions and removals will also often stress the joint, eventually resulting in a loss of access to your data.

Electronic Repair of Memory Sticks

TRC Data Recovery can normally fully recover a snapped, wobbly, bent or broken USB pen drive by reworking the electronics on the device.  Our experience in the repair of these items can often restore access even where other companies may have failed.

Success of this type of recovery is very much dependent upon where the break is and what other damage has been caused to the device.  In some instances the damage is too great and the only method of recovery is our Flash Read Technology.

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Flash Read Technology

If the damage or break to your USB stick is too severe a repair may not be possible.  In this scenario TRC can use Flash Read Technology to remove and extract your lost data directly from the memory stick's flash memory chips.  This method is incredibly successful.

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So, if your memory stick is not working or you have a broken usb stick, we can help, to get your data recovery simply get in touch for you free assessment.

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