TRC Data Recovery offer expert Western Digital hard drive data recovery services, helping business and individuals to swiftly retrieve lost data due to hard disk drive failure from desktop machines and laptop computers.

Western Digital is the second largest drive manufacturer, behind only Seagate for number of units shipped. As such there are huge volumes of drives both new and old, in the field. TRC Data Recovery have developed custom solutions that have helped hundreds of people to recover their failed Western Digital hard drive.

TRC Data Recovery can help in the following data loss scenarios:

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure is a common cause of hard drive failure amongst Western Digital devices whether they are notebook drives or desktop computer hard drives. Mechanical failure is perhaps the simplest failure type to identify. When the read/write heads in the drive fail the drive will behave in one of two ways:

  • Constant clicking sounds, at roughly .5 second intervals
  • Clicking followed by a stepping down of the motor speed which can be repeated a number of times before the drive spins down completely.

In either scenario the drive is not correctly identified within the BIOS, if it is recognised at all.

Using one of the few ISO 3 certified data recovery clean room environments in the UK TRC are better placed to recover data from drives with internal mechanical issues.

Firmware Corruption

Firmware corruption in Western Digital hard disk drives is fairly common and can normally be attributed to a corruption in the areas where the defect tables are located and also sector allocation translator table.

Symptoms of a Western Digital that has a firmware corruption include:

  • The WD is recognised incorrectly in the BIOS
  • The Drive is not recognised at all in the BIOS but spins and sounds normal
  • The device becomes ready but only after 30 seconds or more have passed
  • The Western Digital is recognised but the data area is inaccessible.

TRC Data Recovery can recover data from all of the drives found at this link:

Western Digital Hard Drive List

that have failed with firmware problems. This list is growing all of the time, if you cannot find what you are looking for Contact Us for more information.

Electronic Failure

Western Digital Electronics Problem. As with other drives that use the SMOOTH motor controller chip Western Digital hard drives are known to experience problems with this chip blowing from time to time. Failure of this or other chips on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is often more difficult to diagnose as the components are hidden under the green circuit board underneath.

Symptoms of a Western Digital hard drive requiring Data Recovery from a Western Digital electronic fault include:

  • Drive is completely dead when attempts are made to power it on - no noise will come from the drive whatsoever.
  • A burning smell comes from the drive when it is powered on.
  • The computer or enclosure will not power on until the drive is removed.

There are other causes of failure that require Western Digital Data Recovery, if you have a problem with a WD drive Contact Us or call now on 0845 2002 845 for a free no-obligation data recovery quotation.

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